Associate Consultant

Tata Strategic Associates are important members of project teams as their work impacts projects directly and significantly.

Typically, Associates are involved in information analysis, synthesis of data, client interactions (conducting interviews, interacting with clients on day-to-day project issues) and project execution. They are expected to collaborate with their own project team members and interact with members of client teams.

The role of an Associate is not restricted to data collection, research and analysis. Every Associate is exposed to direct client interaction and works independently on specific parts of a project under the guidance of a team leader.

Early in their careers, Associates are exposed to a broad range of clients, industries and offerings. As they gain experience and demonstrate the ability to take on larger responsibilities, they are provided with opportunities to work independently on modules within a project.

The Associate’s role is designed to develop both consulting and client relationship skills.

Most Associates possess an undergraduate degree in engineering, arts and sciences or are chartered accountants with a graduate degree in management/business administration. Typically, they also possess about 18 months’ prior professional full-time work experience.