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Organization Effectiveness Consulting - Tata Strategic

In the recent past, industry has experienced unusually high levels of volatility which have forced Organizations to review and rethink their strategic priorities and goals. In accordance with these changes, there has also been corresponding transformation to organizational areas like structure, talent capability development, performance alignment, etc. 

It is a well understood fact that effective deployment of business strategy requires organizational initiatives to be rolled out and Tata Strategic brings a contemporary set of offerings to address such critical organizational requirements:

  • Organization Design – It is imperative for any organization to have a well aligned and optimal organization structure which can support its business and strategic objectives. Organization design entails creation of an organization structure and roles & responsibilities in sync with the overall strategy of the organization. It becomes a building block in the overall scheme for the organization. Read more
  • Performance Management & Rewards System –An organization’s competitive edge emerges from its ability to identify, develop and reward the best-in-class talent. Tata Strategic supports its clients in designing and implementing performance management and reward systems. Measurable goals, objective processes, common parameters for appraising people, differentiation for high performers and identification of performance gaps are the guiding principles for performance management and reward systems we design. Read More
  • Talent Assessment and Capability Development –Talent development is best addressed by first understanding the existing capability levels in the organization.  Tata Strategic supports its clients in identifying best talent from within the organization or from external sources to assume critical roles in the organization. A typical capability assessment assignment would entail defining responsibilities, job criteria and competencies for particular roles.  This is followed by designing of the Assessment/Development centre, identifying probable individuals for various roles and conducting assessments to recommend fit-to-role and development plans. Read more
  • HR Transformation – Talent is a high cost and critical variable impacting an organization’s productivity and profits. Hence, managing talent becomes a critical requirement for any organization and provides competitive advantage to it.  Talent management is a strategic and deliberate approach adopted by organizations towards attracting, engaging, building, leveraging and retaining talent to aid in the achievement of business objectives. Tata Strategic’s proprietary Talent Strategy Framework (TalentProTM) provides a comprehensive approach to Talent Management. Read More
  • Transforming Family Businesses – Research indicates that the likelihood of family-owned businesses (FoBs) surviving, under family control, declines with every successive generation. In the quest for growth, continuity and stability, FoBs face certain challenges unique to family businesses. These challenges must be addressed appropriately to ensure sustainable growth. Tata Strategic, through its proprietary FobTRANS framework, uses a comprehensive approach to help clients chart suitable paths towards sustainability. Read more
  • Organization Culture Transformation  – Organization culture has a strong influence on a company’s performance. A strong culture compatible with the company’s strategic plans will drive better results compared with a weaker corporate culture. It plays a crucial role on employee behavior & performance/ turnover and help companies create a sustainable advantage over competitors. Read more

Through these offerings, we engage with client organizations across industries and geographies to assist in understanding their organizational challenges and identifying appropriate levers and solutions.