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Sales & Marketing Consulting - Tata Strategic

Organizations across consumer facing industry domains such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail as well as Durables are being compelled to deliver increasing productivity across the Sales Organization as well as deliver ‘bang for the buck’ in Marketing spends. At the same time, various channel partners need to be aligned to the firm’s strategy.

At Tata Strategic, we deeply understand the innate complexity of the India opportunity and are very cognisant of the fact that concepts which may work well in a predominantly ‘Western’ world are not likely to yield the desired benefits in India. For instance, facets such as the large variety of micro-markets with different consumer behaviours along with the criticality of traditional trade channels (with their attendant set of unique challenges) would require a differentiated, yet simple-to- execute strategy in the market.

Tata Strategic has partnered several Indian and international clients across several areas of Sales and Marketing strategy development as well helping them realize tangible benefits through end-to- end implementation support. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Route to Market
    This offering helps organizations to realize the full potential of the sales function and involves design of bespoke “Route-to- Market” sales transformation strategies along with implementation support to realize benefits.
  • Market Share Gain
    This offering helps organizations identify above-market growth opportunities using Tata Strategic’s proprietary IP – “CITPRO” to prioritize relevant geographies/micro-markets for relevant products. Post this, the strategy for gaining market share is developed.
  • Rural Expansion
    This offering helps organizations prioritize rural markets in a comprehensive manner far more effectively than traditional methods by utilizing Tata Strategic’s proprietary IP – “DISPRO”. The approach is first to understand factors impacting current and potential adoption of a category in rural India. Next market potential is identified based on both current and future users. Next, focus markets are prioritized considering market potential as well as cost-to- serve indicators.
  • Alternate Channels
    These channels present a large, relatively less contested growth opportunity for several impulse-driven packaged products in the Foods and Beverages space. This offering helps organizations make optimal choices in route-to- market, pricing and portfolio. Once the strategy is formulated, Tata Strategic can also assist in pilot implementation and roll-out.