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Engineering Consulting - Tata Strategic

The engineering sector is one of the largest in the overall industrial sectors in India. It can be broadly categorized into two segments:-

  1. Heavy engineering
  2. Light engineering

Heavy engineering dominates this sector with ~80% of output. This includes transport equipment, Capital goods & other machinery & equipment. Light engineering includes low tech items like castings, forgings, fasteners, microprocessor based process control equipment & medical equipment.

Engineering sector is heavily dependent on core sectors such as power, railways, infrastructure development, private sector investments and the speed at which the projects are implemented.

The year gone by was disappointing one for the Indian engineering industry. Order inflows were weak due to delays in awarding projects, land acquisition problems and environmental issues. Even the operating margins came under pressure due to commodity price inflation. Thus, rising commodity prices and slowdown in order inflows proved to be a double whammy for the engineering companies.

For players in the engineering space, Tata Strategic conducts a dispassionate assessment of the business environment and the client’s capability, and identifies opportunities in which the client has a reasonable chance of success. We can then improve performance by developing a distinctive business strategy, formulating & deploying functional strategies, implementing business transformation plans where needed, and conducting focused exercises in cost reduction, process improvement, and project delivery excellence.

Our team has a sound background in project environments, engineering & manufacturing activities and in B2B marketing. We are supported by senior subject matter experts who have a mix of functional and top management experience. TRF, Tata Steel Growth Shop, Voltas, Sumitomo, IKEA are some of the clients we have served in this sector.