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Social Sector Consulting - Tata Strategic

In last few decades, India has shown progress on key social parameters. For example, in education, India has achieved 100% enrolment of children at the primary level. Similarly in health, infant mortality rates declined from 64.9 for every 1,000 births in 2000 to 46.1 in 2012. Maternal mortality rates too have dropped significantly during this time. However, challenges are far from over. For example, less than 35% of class III students can read a class I text. India lags far behind in terms of per capita hospital beds (13) as compared to developed countries (US and UK ~30)

Given the magnitude of challenges in the social sectors, the state cannot address these issues all alone. Private sector philanthropy is essential for India’s dream of achieving ‘developed country’ status. India has large number of corporations, foundations, NGOs, trusts etc. who are actively involved in the development of social sectors. Tata Strategic works with such private sector, public sector (government bodies) and multilateral agencies on a variety of social issues of great importance.

Tata Strategic has assisted multiple social sector organizations in improving their focus, delivery and impact creation abilities. Tata Strategic supports various organizations like foundations, trusts, NGOs in:

  • Portfolio management: Assessment of current portfolio to identify initiatives for scale-up and redefine focus
  • Designing and planning: Identifying micro-segments, Designing specific interventions, Defining and tracking performance indicators and detailed operational planning
  • Strengthening core and support processes: Grant making, monitoring, Fundraising, marketing etc.
  • Capability development: Organization restructuring, roles,  responsibilities, training and performance management
  • Impact assessment: Evaluation and third party assessment

With the increasing awareness on corporates social responsibility, most of the large and even many mid-sized corporates are revisiting the purpose of their CSR. Tata Strategic has closely worked with multiple such corporates to assist them in –

  • CSR Strategy Formulation: Defining CSR vision, CSR policy formulation, selecting key focus areas, Identification of end-beneficiaries
  • Implementation support: Identifying projects, designing pilots, partner identification
  • Monitoring and course correction: Project management and evaluation

Social Sector Practice at Tata Strategic has expertise in various social sectors like Nutrition, Drinking Water, Education, Healthcare, Vocational Training etc. Few of the significant clients of Tata Strategic in this sector include UNICEF, British Council, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Safe Water Network and ACC.