Why Us

Tata Strategic prides itself on its quality professionals. Highly innovative and motivated, our employees form the backbone of our organization’s success. Recruited from top business schools in India and abroad or laterally from industry, our consultants have the relevant industry experience and business acumen to solve mission critical problems which are often beyond the bandwidth of client organizations.

Implementable solutions, a participative approach and partnering our clients from idea through to implementation, set us apart as a consulting organization and lets us keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Over two and a half decades of consulting experience has made us a dozen times more proficient with regard to industry and process expertise. Our methods and approaches towards tackling client issues have a proven track record and we are constantly innovating to develop new methodologies and frameworks that give our clients the winning edge. It is small wonder then that nine out of ten clients, be they from the Tata Group or outside, India or overseas, have come back to us for more.